This would be Kaitlyn’s third child, another daughter to join the ranks of her two other beautiful girls who were anxiously awaiting the arrival of their baby sister. We had been chatting about this moment for months now, and I think at this point, both of us were a little surprised that Kaitlyn was almost a week past her due date based on the common assumption that usually, each baby comes faster than the last. Her previous two daughters were both born before their due date. Nonetheless, Luciana knew exactly when she wanted to be born, and the time was finally here. I feel so grateful to capture Luciana’s arrival and be Kaitlyn’s Indianapolis birth photographer.

I got a text earlier in the day from Kaitlyn, letting me know contractions had started and her midwife told her to just wait and monitor them and let her know once they were closer together. I made arrangements for my daughter to be taken care of and waited, checking my phone every 10 minutes to make sure I didn’t miss the “it’s go time” text from her. Eventually around 11pm that text came and I made my way to their home. When I arrived, the setting was so peaceful. The room was dark with the exception of the lights from around the birthing pool and everyone was silent. Kaitlyn was already positioned in the tub, working her way through the contractions while the midwifery team stood back and then monitored her when necessary. After some time of silence, Kaitlyn asked if we could put something on the TV to distract her from how quiet it was with everyone around her so in true homebirth fashion, we put on a comedy special. Less than 2 hours into being there, Kaitlyn’s body knew it was time to start pushing so she did just that, all on her own terms, no coaching from anyone telling her what she needed to do. She just felt what was right and as the contractions came, she pushed. I was amazed by her strength and how effortless it seemed even though I know there was nothing effortless about it.

Before we knew it, baby Luciana glided through the water en caul, which means she was still inside the amniotic sac. Kaitlyn and her husband reached down to grab her and pulled her out of the water and placed her onto her chest, in complete awe of what just occurred. Kaitlyn finally got the homebirth she always dreamed of and it couldn’t have gone better. After Luciana was born, it was like time stood still. There was no rushing around to cut the cord, be examined by doctors, or do certain tests. Everything was on their own terms and Kaitlyn and her husband just sat there and soaked in their precious new baby. Apart from the birth of my own daughter, it was honestly the most magical experience I’ve ever been a part of.

If you’re searching for an Indianapolis birth photographer, I would be honored to capture the most special day for you and your family.

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