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Thinking of eloping? Times have changed, and so gone are the days of sneaking down to the courthouse on your lunch break (unless you want to of course). There are plenty of romantic and exciting options now for elopements that will make your day memorable and personal to you. Especially when you capture it in photos that will last a lifetime. 


What is an Elopement?

So what is an elopement? Used to, it meant something that took place suddenly without their family or friends’ knowledge (or approval). That’s the old-school version. These days couples are ditching traditional weddings and instead are planning elopements deliberately. Choosing a more private and low-key wedding celebration. 


Elopement vs. Traditional Weddings

A lot of couples are turning to elopements instead of traditional weddings these days. Why the change? Planning a wedding is hard work. It isn’t for the weak; not everyone wants to put months of effort and stress into planning a wedding, and for many people, paying a wedding planner to do the work for you just might not be in the budget. This brings us to another huge point, cost. 


Couples are being more practical about their spending. Why go into debt for an elaborate wedding, where you feed a hundred people or more that you didn’t really want to invite anyway? Especially when you can spend your money traveling to your dream location and combine your wedding day with your honeymoon surrounded by those that matter most. 


Elopement can make your experience feel more about you and your love for each other and less about making your 100+ guests happy. Instead, you can Have your elopement photographer capture all the special moments and share those with your extended family and not-so-close friends -once you return. 


How to Keep Your Elopement Special

If you’re someone who dreamed of a big wedding since you were 7 years old but suddenly found yourself leaning toward an intimate elopement for whatever reason, you may have lingering FOMO feelings. It’s ok to feel conflicted. Just because you’re eloping doesn’t mean your “special day” can’t be amazing and it doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t still have loved ones present. 


Put your time and budget behind

  • Choosing a meaningful location
  • Personalizing your ceremony
  • Hiring a professional elopement photographer
  • Celebrating in your own way
  • Connecting with each other


     Choose a meaningful location 

Whether it’s a place that holds special memories or a destination that you’ve always dreamed of visiting, choosing a location with a special meaning to you will make your elopement feel more special.You can choose a laid-back beach elopement, strike out on an adventurous hiking elopement-make it anything you desire.  

     Personalize your ceremony 

You don’t have to have a traditional wedding to have a personalized ceremony. When you elope, you can still write your own vows, choose readings or music that have special meaning to you, and involve any family or friends who are present in a meaningful way.


     Hire a professional photographer 

Maybe you don’t have a giant guest list (whew!), but that doesn’t mean you can’t hire a professional photographer to capture your elopement. Hiring an elopement photographer will ensure you have beautiful, high-quality photos to remember the day.


     Celebrate in your own way 

Just because you’re not having a big reception doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate your marriage in your own way. Plan a special dinner, go on a romantic getaway, dance the night away in a club in Ibiza, get matching tattoos, or do something else that feels meaningful and celebratory to you.


     Take time to connect with each other 

With all the planning and excitement involved in an elopement, it’s easy to get caught up in the details and forget to focus on each other. Take time during the day to connect with your partner and savor the moment together. Many couples even choose to spend their entire day together, from waking up next to each other and getting ready together. Elopement is all about you!


elopement photos of couple getting married on mountaintop

Where to Elope 

There are so many beautiful and unique places where you can elope, depending on your preferences and interests, that you may need help choosing. You can opt for a

  • Natural setting (think mountains, body of water, sand dunes, forests)
  • City destination 
  • Destination wedding venue
  • Unique location (an art museum, library, concert)


Whatever you choose, make sure it reflects your personal style and interests and that it’s a place you and your partner will enjoy and remember for years to come. Some more classic locations are below.


     Vegas Baby!

A popular option for couples who want a quick, easy, and exciting wedding experience is to elope to Vegas. Eloping to Las Vegas is so popular it’s given Vegas the title of wedding capital of the world. That’s impressive. 


There are so many different wedding chapels you can choose from. You can even be married by an Elvis impersonator. Or hire an officiant and get married in the beautiful deserts that surround the bright lights of Las Vegas. The desert background is a perfect choice if you’re looking for an earthy, boho feel with a party vibe.


     Island Getaway

An island elopement can be the perfect romantic option for couples who want a secluded and intimate wedding experience. 


Popular destinations are Santorini in Greece, Bali in Indonesia, the Maldives in the Indian Ocean, or elope in Hawaii if you want to keep things stateside. Maui is a beautiful island if you want to elope in Hawaii. 


Toes in the sand, a single plumeria tucked behind your ear with the ocean breeze blowing through your hair during a sunset wedding might be your ideal wedding.


     International Style

Always wanted to get away to Europe? Asia maybe? An international elopement can be a memorable experience. It can take a little extra planning due to the legal requirements. Each country has its own marriage laws and requirements, so you need to do your research beforehand. You just want to be prepared since you’ll be far from home in case any problems come up. 


One sought-after elopement destination is Italy. There are so many old, quaint towns, rolling countryside, and a stunning coast that could make an incredible backdrop for your elopement -. It also makes for a fantastic honeymoon! Or rent a car and buzz through more of Europe to continue the experience of a lifetime. 


Commemorating Your Special Day

Of course, the most important part of your elopement is that the focus is on the two of you as a couple. It’s your very special day, and you get to share it with the people you choose. Make it as simple or elaborate as you want it to be.


The next important thing, though, is that you capture that day so you can look back and relive those moments all over again. Every smile. Every intimate gaze and gentle touch. To do that, you need a photographer you can trust. One whose work you admire and who you know will be there for you.


It’s simple. You have four choices. 

  • Try to remember to capture special moments with your iPhone during your hectic day. 
  • Hope that you can hire a quality elopement photographer where you’re going who is both available and who can hopefully capture the essence of who you are
  • Leave it up to the staff photographer hired by the venue that takes pictures for 100+ weddings a day and really doesn’t care about you or your wedding
  • Hire an elopement photographer who knows you intimately and wants your special day from beginning to end to be a raging success.


Book Your Elopement Packages 

If hiring an elopement photographer who can be your friend, who wants to tell your story, and help your day to be the most amazing it can be, contact me to discuss which elopement package is right for you. My elopement packages start at $1999.