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Not everyone is an expert when it comes to getting in front of the camera. Many are left feeling uncomfortable being the center of attention. They suddenly feel awkward and don’t know what to do with themselves, yet they want their photos to look amazing. With these few tips for loosening up to get stellar photo poses you can have a more natural photo shoot.


How to Take the Best Photos

Your photographer should be an expert at helping you feel more comfortable in front of the lens of the camera, but there are steps you can take for a more natural photo shoot, too.


Come and Get Your Love 

When it comes to getting photo poses you’ll feel the most comfortable in, incorporate activities you and your partner or family love doing. Is game night your thing? Set up your favorite board game. Love cooking together? Take it to the kitchen. 


Doing what you love the most together comes through so well in photos.


Just Be

Don’t try to monitor what your kids are doing. Just let them BE kids. Let them enjoy playing and running around. Creating a natural photo shoot means not dictating all the photo poses but allowing them to happen organically, too. 


Don’t Stare

Gone are the days of studio photography with couples and families gathered closely together, staring into the camera with awkward smiles on their faces. If you want ideas for photo poses, it’s best to interact with each other. Try to forget the camera is there and just be yourselves. 

Doing this allows your personality to shine through, and that’s what makes for the best photos.


Forget Perfection

There is no such thing as perfection. So it’s important to throw the idea of getting the perfect photo poses out the window. Besides, if your goal is to have a natural photo shoot, there is no room for the ‘perfect’ pose anyway. The two are complete opposites. Go natural for the win. 


Dress for Success

You want to make sure you wear the right clothes for the setting-don’t wear a skintight dress in the middle of the woods. But also keep in mind that your most successful photo poses will be in clothing you feel comfortable in.


Let it Go!

You may have forgotten to set your alarm and arrived half an hour late to work. Had to change your outfit twice because your little one won’t stop spitting up on you. And on the way over, some very important guy in a rush to get to his very important thing almost rear-ended you. 


You have to take a deep breath and let all that go. Be in the moment because your photography session is the time to enjoy yourselves and have a little fun. Concentrate on one another. Focus on the love you feel and how happy you are together. That other stuff, it really doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things.


The In-between

Of course, when you book your photography session, you begin to think about ideas for photo poses, and that’s ok, but know that often the best shots are the ‘in-between’ moments. Allow your photographer to capture those intimate moments whispered between each other, an impromptu laugh, or you fussing at your boisterous brood of kiddos. 


It’s the ‘in-between’ moments in our lives that are often the most special, and capturing them in photos keeps them memorable as well. 


What to Do Next

Talk to your photographer if you have more questions about how to take the best photos to get a natural photo pose you’ll love forever. Letting your photographer know your goals beforehand can help both of you come up with an open-ended plan the two of you will love. Something that is natural yet expresses who you are. 


If you have questions or wish to book your photo session now, contact me, and I’ll be happy to help. 


Tips for creating the most natural photos by Haley Sue Photos